New Membership regulation

Help make the International Society of City and Regional Planners even better!

We adopted a new constitution at last year’s Annual General Meeting – an updated constitution for a society of, by and for city and regional planners everywhere.

As part of this reform process, we needed updated membership policies, for a simple and transparent way to join the Society.

After a great deal of careful consideration, the Board adopted new policies for individual membership, and for institutional membership. Institutional membership allows cities, universities, planning institutes, planning consultancies and NGOs to support the Society and connect with the global city and regional planning community.

The new membership regulation explains what it means to be a member of the International Society of City and Regional Planners. Please leave a comment below the document, so that we can share our thoughts and ideas about these matters.

Read and comment on the Membership Policies by clicking here.

All members received a mail asking for their vote on 31 July 2019 via mail and can continue to vote until 9 August 2019 (midnight UTC).

UPDATE 12 Aug 2019: The results of the vote are published and can be accessed here:


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