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The ISOCARP World Congress 2015 was the opportunity for ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability to call for urban and spatial planning practitioners to engage in the development of guidance on low emission urban (re)development – if you are interested contact

During the congress, ICLEI presented the Solutions Gateway, an online platform which provides guidance on Low Emission development options available, at no cost, to interested local governments worldwide, developed under the Urban-LEDS project – “Promoting Low Emission Urban Development Strategies in Emerging Economy Countries”, jointly implemented by UN-Habitat and ICLEI.

While this platform already contains several Solutions with a strong urban and spatial planning component such as Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and Urban Infill development, overarching Solutions on Low Emission new development and Low Emission redevelopment are now being outlined.

If you are an urban or spatial planner and have experience on low emission urban (re)development, ICLEI warmly invites you to contribute to the drafting and/or peer-review of these Solutions, as a way to deliver your concepts to local governments worldwide while gaining visibility as an expert, and supporting the development of urban low emission development strategies, action plans, and projects.

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