The 7th Executive Board Meeting of Asian Mayors Forum “Urban Health and Economy in Post-Coronavirus Pandemic”

On June 22, 2020, Prof. Ali A. Alraouf, ISOCARP Board Member and Head of research and development at Urban Planning Authority in Doha, Qatar, took part in the high-level event on the health and economy under coronavirus in the regions severely affected by the pandemic. Prof. Alraouf delivered a lecture “An Inevitable Paradigm Shift: Post-COVID-19 – Aspirations for JUST CITIES”. The panel was attended by representatives of public authorities and experts from renowned professional organisations such as INTA, UEF, and UN-HABITAT, among others. The participants discussed and exchanged institutional, local, national and international experiences in controlling and fighting against the coronavirus pandemic, while highlighting the most important current and future policies, plans, and programmes to protect the health and livelihood of citizens on the one hand, and the urban economy on the other.

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