Workshop Dortmund, Germany: How to leverage economic growth from spatial projects?

Alex Camprubi

Alex Camprubi is an Architect, Landscape Designer and Urban Planner. He is an Associate Design Director in PuBang Design Institute, whose main office is located in Guangzhou, China. PuBang with 13 offices in the country is one of the top private institutes in design. The design institute focuses on landscape ecology and landscape urbanism;​
​PuBang Group ​recently acquired an architecture firm and an ecology engineering firm to expand its services in the design industry. Alex has taught courses on Sustainable Practices on Architecture, Urban Planning History, Architecture Design and Landscape Design at the School of Architecture at ITESM, Mexico and Peking University School of Design in China.
He often lectures on the research done by him and his team on place making, neuro-urbanism, landscape intelligence and sustainable practices in architecture and landscape. Alex has worked for different firms in China and Mexico and between 2008 and 2014 his work has contributed to achieve ​ ​the ULI Asia-Pacific Award, the ULI World Award, the WAF Landscape Award and the Waterfront Center Award ​among others.


JanPJan Polivka

Jan Polivka is Urban Designer and Urban Planner. He is a fellow at rha, one of the leading urban design planning offices in Germany. The main focus of activities is on urban design, architecture and process management. A wide spectrum of topics is processed to do this. Developing concise urban planning and architectural guidelines as well as experimenting with spatial and syntactic relations apply to all projects. With branches in Germany and Luxembourg, rha is focusing on master planning for both public and private urban development projects.

As Associate Professor at the Department of Urban Design und Land Use Planning at the TU Dortmund University, Jan teaches courses on urban design, land use planning, urban history and urban revitalization. He also co-holds a design studio. Recently, he conducted a collaborative design studio at the Meiji University, Tokyo.

His professional topics of interest are Urban Design, Urban Quality Assurance & Law Binding Regulations, Urban Regeneration and City Development Concepts in Europe and Japan, Redevelopment of Post-Industrial Metropolitan Regions and Suburban Transformation & Redevelopment Strategies for Mature Suburbia. He published articles and books on urban revitalization in historical cities and post-industrial regions. The book ‘Layers of a region’ on the Ruhr Area he co-edited achieved awards as one of the best books of the year in 2011.

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