Young Planning Professionals’ in the 54th ISOCARP World Planning Congress


ISOCARP & the New Generation of Planners

2 October (Tuesday) 13.30-15.00
Location: Stormen Library – Bodø ByLab
Moderators: Zeynep Gunay and Slawomir Ledwon, ISOCARP

This special session is designed to explore the future of planning profession with the involvement of the youngest generation. Since 1991, ISOCARP offers various platforms to engage young planning professionals in activating knowledge for better cities. Among these platforms are Young Planning Professionals’ Workshops, Intensive Training Programmes, Mentoring, Publications and Awards. After a brief introduction, the results and examples of those programmes will be shared with the audience including the results of the Young Planning Professionals National Workshop in Xi’An, China. The session also introduces 2018’s two Congress Workshops in Bodo and Kristiansand, Norway. This years’ winners of the Student Awards will present their awarded researches. The session will be concluded with a discussion with the audience and participants about how ISOCARP can serve better the new generation, and about the future of planning through the fresh eyes of the young. The session will be open to the public and we invite the citizens to take part as well.

Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop Presentation
Bodø YPP 2018 and Kristiansand YPP 2018

4 October (Thursday) 09.30-10.30
Location: Stormen Concert Hall – Theatre
Moderators: Zeynep Gunay, ISOCARP

Young Planning Professionals’ Exhibition
Routledge Poster Prize Exhibition

1-4 October
Location: Stormen Concert Hall – Theatre

Young Planning Professionals’ Award Ceremony

Routledge Poster Prize
Honorable Mention in a National YPP Workshop

4 October 19.00
Location: Congress Dinner & Award Ceremony

Planners for Climate Action

2 October (Tuesday) 11.00-12.30
Location: Stormen Library – Bodø ByLab
Moderators: Didier Vancutsem, ISOCARP

The session will present the new initiative of UN-Habitat related to Climate Action. It will present the global climate challenges experienced on the planet, and current actions on advocacy, capacity-building and research. Also the session will include the voices of young professionals.
The session is organised by ISOCARP in cooperation with UN-Habitat. The world is going through unprecedented climate change that is placing considerable stress on our societies and the environment. From shifting weather patterns that threaten food production to rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, the impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. Human settlements emit a substantial portion of the world’s greenhouse gases (GHGs) and are home to concentrated populations that are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Rapid urbanization is transforming places, populations, economies, and the built environment at an exceptional speed and scale. This transformation is occurring throughout the world, and it is accelerating in many places, generating increasingly large urban conurbations and agglomerations. In that context of urgency, the urban and territorial planners as well as the climate change communities acknowledge their critical role and responsibility in tackling the future of cities. They realize the urgent need to take sustainable pathways towards addressing climate change in their practice. Urban form—compactness, density, mixed-land use, and integration of infrastructure especially transportation—is a key strategy for reducing human generated climate change.

2 Young Planning Professionals will be invited to express their perceptions on the Climate Change challenge and the view from young professionals .

Support Congress Team Member

in the 54th ISOCARP World Planning Congress:
Cool Planning: Climate Change and Our Urban Future

In addition to the participation in the YPP workshop, 6 of the selected Young Planners will be offered an opportunity to become a Support Congress Team Member. This means that – both before and during the congress – they will be involved in the preparation and running of and reporting on the congress activities. This exceptional opportunity shall allow the Young Planners to get more seriously involved in the entire congress.

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