Young Planning Professionals’ Programme

In 2016, ISOCARP celebrated an important event in the history of the Society – the 25th anniversary of the Young Planning Professionals’ Programme!

A particular focus and commitment of ISOCARP is on young generations through facilitating knowledge for better cities with the youth. The Young Planning Professionals’ Programme is a crucial component of ISOCARP’s dedication to promote and enhance the planning profession. The objective is to contribute to the knowledge base and improve skills of young professionals, the future leaders of our profession.

The Young Planning Professionals’ Programme was initiated in 1991 by one of the most appreciated members of our society – Estefanía Chavez de Ortega at the 26th ISOCARP Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico. Since then, ISOCARP has been organising International YPP Workshops, which provide young planning professionals with an opportunity to work in a multi-cultural setting as a source of meaningful debate, new ideas and rejuvenation for the Society, to share their experiences on real-life planning problems, to transfer knowledge and skills in an attempt to resolve complex and multi-dimensional planning issues, exchange ideas and learn from each other as well as from seniors, in the name of the universal vision of promoting and enhancing planning profession.

Up to today, 48 YPP workshops have been organised worldwide; including 31 congress workshops in USA, South Africa, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Australia, Japan, Russia, China, Kenya, Portugal, Belgium, Turkey, Spain, Switzerland, Egypt, Greece, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Israel, Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Indonesia since 1991; 17 national and regional workshops in the United Kingdom, Russia, Poland and China; and and 4 Intensive Training Programmes have been organised in the United Arab Emirates since 2011.

All Young Planning Professionals Programmes are designed to build up a life long partnership between ISOCARP and partners.

Please follow the links below to see more than 25 years of ISOCARP YPP history!

For more information, please contact

Zeynep Gunay
ISOCARP Board, Director Young Planning Professionals Programmes

How it works?

What have we done so far?

What are the key advantages?


This page is for all former and future YPPs to disseminate knowledge for better cities! Follow our activities and Check out our Facebook page to get into contact with your Network!

In the meantime, you can find information on the recent developments, news and announcements from here, as part of ISOCARP’s News Page.

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