Call for Abstracts Jakarta

Please read the Call for Contributions and submit your abstract(s) to one of the following categories before the deadline, 17th of March, 2019.

Research Paper:

  • Research or academic contribution consisting of a paper and a presentation
  • The paper will be included in the Congress Proceedings with an ISBN number (only for registered authors attending the conference).
  • A brief description of the project, the research question, or the place
  • Context (theory, policy framework, governance context, economic conditions)
  • Reference to two or more scholarly or official works to place the paper in a specific discipline or intellectual planning tradition
  • A brief indication of methodology
  • An outline of the principal results, outcomes, findings and lessons
  • A note about the extent to which the work is (or is not) generally applicable.


  • Professional contribution consisting of a presentation on a specific case study or topic of wider interest, such as a project, strategy, plan, or design
  • The emphasis will strictly be on lessons learned and knowledge sharing
  • Submitting a paper is optional, but highly recommended
  • Abstract (and paper if submitted) will be included in the Congress Proceedings.

Session Proposal:

  • stand-alone or ‘side event’ linked to one of the Tracks and entirely focused on a specific topic or objective, such as a training session, a hackathon, a workshop, etc.
  • An abstract of the session proposal is mandatory and will be included in the Congress Proceedings
  • Formats other than the traditional presentations are encouraged, including point/counterpoint, single speaker, moderated debate, interactive workshops, roundtables etc.
  • Discussion or interaction with the audience is highly encouraged
  • Session proposers have to identify and coordinate all the session speakers – a list of confirmed participants has to be included in the proposal
  • All speakers need to register for the Congress
  • Sessions will be 90 minutes long.

Panel Discussion:

  • This is a short 30-minute round-table or moderated panel discussion within a Track
  • The proposer needs to identify the topic, prepare in advance questions and themes for discussion and be ready to moderate the panel at Congress
  • Panel members can be drawn from the delegates already attending the Congress, and support will be offered by the Congress Team to create contacts, but the proposer will have to contact all members in advance and liaise with them in preparation
  • Discussion or interaction with the audience is highly encouraged
  • An abstract of the session proposal, including an outline of speakers, is mandatory and will be included in the Congress Proceedings
  • The Congress Team will select the best 2-3 proposal per Track. Proposals from people who also submitted other contributions are welcome.


  • Maximum 600 words for abstract submission
  • Maximum 50 words synopsis is obligatory.
  • Maximum 2 abstracts per author/co-author
  • Do not submit the same abstract to several tracks.
  • Submission deadline for papers/presentations/session proposals: 30th June
  • For more information on submission, please read page 2-3 in the Guidelines for Authors

NoteThere will be limited availability of time slots for session proposals and panel discussions. Only the best ones will be selected.

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