50 Years of CaRP in Israel

Download “50 Years of CaRP in Israel“.

  • Israel 2020 National Master Plan
  • TAMA 31 National Outline Plan
  • Desalination Plan TAMA 34b/2 National Outline Plan
  • Evaluation

Amos Brandeis & Guy Kav-Venaki

Isael 50 YRS of CaRP


Absorbing 50 Years of CaRP (City and Regional planning)

There is a new project highlighting ISOCARP’s 50th Anniversary Year! “Absorbing 50 years of CaRP” We would like to know/understand /receive your summaries of resume what did happen in your country, in your region in the last 50 years, the vivid decades of ISOCARP, since 1965, in city and regional planning. The result might be critical,…

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50 Years of CaRP in Germany

Download Absorbing 50 Years of Planning in Germany. Brigitte Schmelzer

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50 Years of CaRP in Nigeria

Download Planning Snapshots, Nigeria: 50 Years Olufemi, O; Ayangbile, O; and Abiodun, O.

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