Absorbing 50 Years of CaRP (City and Regional planning)

50th anniversary logoThere is a new project highlighting ISOCARP’s 50th Anniversary Year!

“Absorbing 50 years of CaRP”

We would like to know/understand /receive your summaries of resume what did happen in your country, in your region in the last 50 years, the vivid decades of ISOCARP, since 1965, in city and regional planning.

The result might be critical, euphorically, bored, as you like and wish, but reduced to a max of 6-8 beautiful slides.

Up to now everything is a work in progress, which should receive ISBN registration to secure your privacy and so on.

Please go on! Thank you. Best regards, the 50th Anniversary Celebrations Committee (50ACC)

  • 50 Years of CaRP in Canada

    Download Synopsis of 50 years of Planning in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH), Ontario, Canada. Olusola Olufemi
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  • 50 Years of CaRP in Flanders (Belgium)

    Download “Urban and regional planning in Flanders: a 10-minutes overview of 50 years of urban policy and spatial planning policies”. Prof. dr. ...
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  • 50 Years of CaRP in Germany

    Download Absorbing 50 Years of Planning in Germany. Brigitte Schmelzer
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  • 50 Years of CaRP in Israel

    Download “50 Years of CaRP in Israel“. Israel 2020 National Master Plan TAMA 31 National Outline Plan Desalination Plan TAMA 34b/2 ...
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  • 50 Years of CaRP in the Netherlands

    Download “Absorbing 50 Years of CARP in the Netherlands“. Jos Cuijpers
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  • 50 Years of CaRP in Nigeria

    Download Planning Snapshots, Nigeria: 50 Years Olufemi, O; Ayangbile, O; and Abiodun, O.
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  • 50 Years of CaRP in South Africa

    Download South Africa: Spatial planning – Apartheid (pre-1965 to early 1990s). Prepared by Peter Robinson and Tanya Dayaram
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  • 50 Years of CaRP in Spain

    Download 50 Years of City and Regional Planning in Spain. Examples from three cities: Bilbao, Barcelona, and Santiago de Compostela. Alfonso ...
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  • 50 Years of CaRP in Switzerland

    Download “Planning and Plans in Switzerland since 1965”. Martina Schretzenmayr & Bernd Scholl
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  • 50 Years of CaRP in China

    Download “Absorbing 50 years of CaRP-China”. By Dr. SHI Nan and Prof. Hongyang WANG
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  • 50 years of CaRP – Greece

    Download “Absorbing 50 years of CaRP-Greece”. By Prof. Elias Beriatos and Dr. Marilena Papageorgiou Source: General  Plan Greece:  Poles and  ...
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  • 50 Years of CaRP in the US

    Download Synopsis of 50 years of Planning in the US. Lorraine Gonzales
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ISOCARP 50th Anniversary Events

All National Delegations were invited to organize or partner up with regional or national symposia or other events in the framework of ISOCARP’s  50th Anniversary Celebrations. Below is an overview of events that are currently part of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations: BEYOND BIG PLANS 11-15 March 2015 Seoul, South Korea More information 4th LE:NOTRE Institute Landscape Forum. 21st –…

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Make a Donation to ISOCARP

It may be tax deductible! Donations to ISOCARP can be deducted from taxable income by residents of the following countries: Belgium, France, Hungary, Ireland, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

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