ISOCARP Cyber Agora #1: Planning the 1.5m (6ft) city


29 May 2020 @ 9 a.m. UTC


We will send you a link to the platform! -> FILL THE CONTACT FORM.

Who can join?

ISOCARP members, Planners, Designers, Thinkers, Students, Decision-makers, everyone that has a passion for the city and city planning!

Who will host the session?

The first Cyber Curator is Juanee Cilliers, a Lifelong member of ISOCARP, a professional planner and professor in Urban and Regional Planning. The Event will be co-hosted by the Young Urbanists!

What will we reflect on?

This event will reflect on planning the 1.5m city, or as some refer to, the 6ft city. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought along unprecedented changes to society, to the way we move and interact, and ultimately to the way we use space, especially in cities. Cities have seen to withstood previous pandemics, recessions, and the internet age. Cities are known for their adaptability, dealing with conflicting demands on limited space, in attempt to create the balance between social, economic and environmental considerations. The role of planning healthy cities and planning as part of urban risk management, it now more prominent than ever before. Planning as a profession prioritizes quality of life. The new reality brought along by the COVID-19 pandemic placed quality of life under the limelight, emphasising the great inequalities, but also challenged the way in which cities was designed and business as usual was conducted. Physical distancing recently became the new normal and is challenging the contemporary layout, design and functioning of our cities. This interrelated, complex ecosystem (the city) is under scrutiny in terms of (amongst others) density, movements, safety, health, walkability, accessibility, shared spaces, open spaces, green spaces, urban agricultural spaces, functionality, effectiveness, public facilities and the role of digital infrastructure in going forward. Cities across the globe are engaging in innovative design and spatial plans to accommodate the new 1.5m (6ft) city.

This Cyber Agora event will create a platform for professionals and planners to share best practices, to ask the difficult questions of how we proceed, of sharing ideas and knowledge, of co-creating the sustainable city of the post-Covid-19 pandemic. This event will showcase two examples of a) healthy cities and b) place-making innovations for the 1.5m (6ft) city, and then open the floor for thematic discussions. These discussions will be participant-led, as all participants will be able to vote on their theme of interest.

The Cyber Curator will coordinate discussions and direct questions to a pre-identified panel of professionals, to lead the discussions and invite contributions of all participants. The event will close by announcing the winner of the young planner proposal – and provide an opportunity to further co-create and comment on this proposal as a tangible outcome of the first Cyber Agora Event.

What does the Young Planner competition entail?

This is a competition that is open to all young planners (aged 35 and younger by date of the first Event 29 May 2020). Participants can enter free of charge. Participants are requested to propose designs or innovations for the 1.5m (6ft) city. These proposals can take any format (design, layout, article, description, photos – any description or illustration of planning for the 1.5m/6ft city). The winner will be selected by the ISOCARP board, based on innovation and unique planning proposal for the 1.5m (6ft) city.

The prize?

Free registration to the 2020 ISOCARP Planning Conference to be held 8-12 November in Qatar ( to the value of €675! Send all entries before close of business on 27 May 2020 to

How do I sign up?

Fill the sign-up FORM or contact

How can I participate?

Everyone is welcome to listen to the presentations of best practices, to engage in open thematic discussions. Participants are also welcome to send questions in advance or propose themes for the discussions. Participants are also welcome to share ideas and proposals before the event, that could be used as collaborative material during the event.

When do I sign up?

Now! Final arrangements and the link to the virtual platform will be communicated to all participants on the morning of 29 May 2020.

Generally about Cyber Agora

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