Elections 2019 | Dushko Bogunovich | Candidate Secretary General

Candidate Statement

Dear Colleagues/Members,

Apologies for my delayed statement.

My candidacy for SG is inspired by a profound belief that ISOCARP is not some fictional entity – but actual people. The members. My paramount ambition is to serve you and your professional aspirations by assisting a smooth running of our Society and its executive for your benefit.

This is an exciting time to be involved in the management of our association. The new constitution, governance structure and membership policy are designed to bring us a renaissance. We can already see signs of that renewal. I look forward to a bigger and better ISOCARP, with a more even global presence and with more regionally structured operations and leadership.

In an urban world, beset with colossal problems – climate disruption, overpopulation, poverty, injustice, intolerance – it is hard to imagine a more important profession and organisation than ours. But we cannot act alone – we must work with other institutions and as many local governments as possible. Building partnerships and engaging select projects of exemplary importance will be a critical activity for our President, the Board and the SG in the coming years.

That does not mean neglecting what we do best – our congresses, the YPP workshop and the UPAT projects. They remain our core activities and I would like to ensure they run well, generate new and relevant knowledge, and have a global impact.

I would be honoured to have your vote of confidence.

Dr Dushko Bogunovich
Adjunct Professor at Auckland University


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