Green Summit 2015

Green Summit 2015 banner
Green Summit
9 – 10 June 2015
Liechtenstein, Vaduz

Entrance is free. Please register here.


The event is focused on new agriculture, social sufficiency initiatives, new architecture, energy and resource autonomous urban change and property finance and development opportunities in this rapidly rising industry.

“Food & Shelter”: the industrialised world regards these as the luxury commodities “cuisine” and “property”, hedonistic attributes of our so-called advanced yet rapacious civilisation. And yet, for the majority of people these are still very basic, essential features of an existential reality, while the very habitability of our planet is at risk due a continued drive to maximise exploitation of resources that are not renewable, for narrow profit allocations. Dimensions securing biological existence and broad prosperity: This is what we reflect on in this year’s green supersummit. We rethink life in cities, relation to food, growth itself, energy and resource autonomous property: who are the thought and action leaders? Where are the investment potentials?

Opening speakers of the first day are Dr. Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein, Author of Food Crash and prominent advocate of a global organic food revolution, and Dr. Greta Taubert, whose personal “apocalypse” led her to understand the existential and psychological challenges of living “on the edge”, in the mainstream reality of the homeless, and tracing the realities of crisis survival. Property visionary and  Professor Lorenz Reibling will speak to breakthroughs in large scale practice, and help us celebrate eight years of successful collaboration in advancing both the Liechtenstein Congress for Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing and its short and sharp cousin, the Green Summit.

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