Pre-Congress Event: BEYOND BIG PLANS

beyond big plans seoul korea 2015

11-15 March 2015
Seoul, South Korea

** This event is part of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations and a pre-congress event of ISOCARP

BEYOND BIG PLANS: Let’s reinvent planning
International planning symposium, expert workshop & exhibition

Rapid urban development in Seoul has broken up existing urban layers and tissues and driven away original residents. In the aftermath of the worldwide financial crisis, however, many megaprojects were brought to a standstill, calling for the critical reflection on the past practice and alternative approaches. Mega-projects have had their day in South Korea, and there is a need for alternatives with which the inhabitants of the metropolis of 10 million inhabitants can identify.

Beyond Big Plans is a pre-event of the ISOCARP 2015 International Congress which takes place in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium ( 19-23 October 2015). Explore the ISOCARP2015 Platform to learn more about the various themes and events of the 51st ISOCARP Congress.

Download the BBP Symposium book.


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