50th Anniversary Celebrations

This year 2015 it is 50 years ago that ISOCARP was founded.
A reason to look back and reflect, but also to celebrate and look forward!

Download the 50th Anniversary Celebrations Flyer.

Download the Revue de la S.F.U. about the Foundation of ISOCARP, January 1965.

 Founder members 1965The 50th Anniversary Celebrations were launched during the 2014 Congress in Gdynia, Poland. With the help of the members it was possible to organize events and other activities the whole year through. The celebrations culminated in the 2015 Congress which was held in The Netherlands, where ISOCARP was founded in 1965.

In today’s changing world a society as ISOCARP with committed members from academia, government and the private sector is needed more than ever.

Several National Delegations got involved in the different activities in their cities and regions.
Thank you very much.


50th Anniversary Projects

During the Anniversary Year ISOCARP worked on a series of projects to commemorate the Society’s 50th Year. Responsible for these projects were the members of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations Committee (50ACC): Jef Van den Broeck (Belgium), Chairman; Martin Dubbeling (The Netherlands), Vice Chairman; Didier Vancutsem (Germany); Khalid El Adli (Egypt); Shi Nan (China); Ulla Hoyer (Germany); Ric Stephens (US); and Gabriel Pascariu (Romania).

To learn about the Anniversary Projects in more detail, explore the sub-themes below:

  • Absorbing 50 Years of CaRP (City and Regional planning)

    There is a new project highlighting ISOCARP’s 50th Anniversary Year! “Absorbing 50 years of CaRP” We would like to know/understand /receive your ...
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  • ISOCARP 50th Anniversary Events

    All National Delegations were invited to organize or partner up with regional or national symposia or other events in the framework of ...
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  • Update of the ‘International Manual of Planning Practice (IMPP)’

    The last expanded edition of the International Manual of Planning Practice (IMPP) – volume V – was launched on World Planning Day in 2008. It was ...
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  • 25 Years of Young Planning Professionals workshops

    This project will be an easy to access project website on the ISOCARP website. It will provide an overview of 25 years of Young Planning ...
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  • Celebrating 10 years of Urban Planning Advisory Teams (UPATs)

    On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of ISOCARP, we look back on 10 years of Urban Planning Advisory Teams (UPATs). The results and effects of ...
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  • ISOCARP 2015: Five Decades of Knowledge Creation and Sharing

    The book “ISOCARP 2015: Five Decades of Knowledge Creation and Sharing” is an update on the ‘ISOCARP: Four Decades of Knowledge ...
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  • Special 50th Anniversary Award

    On the occasion of ISOCARP’s 50th Anniversary a special one-time Award was presented. Preamble The ACC50 Sam van Embden Award is a unique ...
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  • Anniversary speech during the ISOCARP World Congress 2015

    Anniversary speech by ISOCARP President Milica Bajic-Brkovic during the World Congress 2015.
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50 Years ISOCARP, Past, Present, Future – Development of Planning

In his paper ’50 Years ISOCARP, Past, Present, Future – Development of Planning 1965-2003′ Max van den Berg, ISOCARP President from 1999-2003, sketches the evolution of the spatial planning issues during 50 years in relation to the changing context and the role and activities of ISOCARP.

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Make a Donation to ISOCARP

It may be tax deductible! Donations to ISOCARP can be deducted from taxable income by residents of the following countries: Belgium, France, Hungary, Ireland, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

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50th Anniversary Celebrations in the Press

Press coverage of 50 Years of ISOCARP: Scape Magazine #14 features an article on 50 years of ISOCARP  

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