Smart City Solutions

October 16-18, 2018, Frankfurt, Germany

Geodata is one of the most important data for digital networking worldwide and is considered the basis for the city of the future. The progressive digitalisation of our society, urbanisation and a growing population call for smart and digital solutions for the environment, climate, mobility and community life in towns, major cities and rural areas. The focus at SMART CITY SOLUTIONS is on encouraging dialogue between solution providers, cities and politicians with the aim of developing cities as great living places. Be part of this new community determined to promote modern cities that offer a good place to live and discusses, develops and implements solutions and technologies!

Smart City Solutions FORUM and EXPO

More than 40 presentations in the SCSFORUM on smart technology, smart mobility and smart environment train the spotlight on solutions and concepts for urban planners, architects, public administration, traffic planners and many other professions. In SCSEXPO – the trade fair and exhibition area of SMART CITY SOLUTIONS – around 50 suppliers, manufacturers and global stakeholders are showcasing alternative energy concepts, transport and mobility systems, autonomous driving solutions, and systems for networked communication and public participation. Anyone interested in cutting-edge urban planning and development will surely find inspiration, solutions, ideas and a lively debate!

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