ISOCARP is proud to present our flagship publication, the ISOCARP Review. Published since 2004, it solicits leading articles about award-winning other noteworthy real-world planning projects. The theme of the Review mirrors that of the annual Congress. Recent topics have included: sustainable cities; planning with water; food security planning; new planning tools and methods; and this year, climate change planning. Together with the Review and the Congress papers, ISOCARP provides its members, and the world’s planning community, with a comprehensive set of volumes providing solutions to the major challenges of contemporary urban planning.

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Review of World Planning Practice. Volume 16: Post-Oil Urbanism 

Published in 2020 on the occasion of the 56th ISOCARP World Planning Congress “Post-Oil City. Planning for Urban Green Deals”.
Editorial Team: Malgorzata Hanzl, Jim Reilly, Mahak Agrawal, Ricardo Moura


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ISOCARP Review 15 – Planning for Metropolitan Area

Published in 2019 on the occasion of the 55th ISOCARP World Planning Congress in Jakarta-Bogor, Indonesia.
Editorial Team: Malgorzata Hanzl, Jim Reilly, Mahak Agrawal, Ricardo Moura


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ISOCARP Review 14 – Climate Change Planning

Published in 2018 on the occasion of the 54th ISOCARP International Congress held in Bodø, Norway.

Editors: Małgorzata Hanzl, Jim Reilly
Assistant Editor: Mahak Agrawal

‘On this warming planet, with its population more than 50% urban, we urgently need cooler cities and towns. And good urban planning can help deliver them. The aim of ISOCARP’s 54th Annual Congress is no small feat: the Society is calling on the best and brightest of the planning profession to come to Bodø, Norway and tell us how to save civilisation. Nothing less.’ from the Introduction by the General Rapporteur Dushko Bogunovich

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ISOCARP Review 13 – Smart Communities

Published in 2017 on the occasion of the 53rd ISOCARP International Congress held in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Editors: Shi Nan, Jim Reilly & Fran Klass

´The Joint Conference of ISOCARP and the Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association (OAPA) – 53rdISOCARP Congress – was the world planning congress immediately following HABITAT III, the vicennial global summit for urbanization and planning. This means, from a classical planning perspective which would put 20 years as the long term for strategic visioning, our congress will be the first action congress to implement the New Urban Agendaand the International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning. For both of the core documents of Habitat III, ISOCARP played a key role as the most representative community of global planners.´
from the Introduction by GR Hongyang Wang, China, General Rapporteur

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ISOCARP Review 12 – Envisioning Future Cities: Ideas and Examples

Published in 2016 on the occasion of the 52nd ISOCARP International Congress held in Durban, South Africa.

Editors: Shi Nan, Jim Reilly & Fran Klass

´The ISOCARP Congress theme “Cities we have vs. Cities we need” is both a description and prescription for a new urbanism that must adapt and mitigate significant environmental, social and economic change. The ISOCARP Review 12 and 52nd World Planning Congress have embraced this challenge to transform our cities.´
Ric Stephens, ISOCARP President

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