Urban Thinkers Campus “Nature-based Solutions and Green Public Spaces for Health and Resilience”

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14 October 2020, 12:00-13:45 UTC (14:00-15:45 CEST)



Who will host the session?

The event is organised by ISOCARP Institute and it will be hosted by the ISOCARP Community of Practice on Urban Health and the International Society for Urban Health (ISUH), as a first activity within their new collaboration partnership.

About the UTC session:

The UTC session “Nature-based Solutions and Green Public Spaces for Health and Resilience” will bring together international experts and thought leaders providing an overview over public spaces, nature-based solutions and their potential for urban health and in the current Covid-19 crisis. In particular, the session will highlight the strong interrelations between health and urban environment, and it will give voice to some cities and organisations who are actively participating in innovative resilience and/or health strategies.


  • Introduction ad presentation speakers | 10 min.
  • Keynote speaker presentation | 20 min.
  • Q&A with audience | 10 min.
  • Panel discussion with Guest Experts | 40 min.
  • Q&A with audience | 20 min.
  • Closing | 10 min.



Mark Nieuwenhuijsen (keynote speaker) – ISGlobal Barcelona Institute for Global Health
Topic: Green public spaces as pathway for healthy living



Laura Petrella – Un-Habitat
Topic: Nature-based solutions to ‘post-Covid’ urbanization challenges




Cecilia Vaca Jones – Bernard van Leer Foundation
Topic: Urban 95, Urban Health, Urban resilience




Thiago Hérick de Sá – World Health Organization (WHO)
Topic: Presentation Sourcebook “Integrating Health in Urban and Territorial Planning”



Uta Christine Dietrich – ThinkCity
Topic: Green Public Spaces: A Tonic for Health, Justice & Resilience




Nathan Iyer – IYER – Planning, Urban Design & Architecture
Topic: “Big to small – Public Spaces as essential infrastructure”




Nabi Agzamov – STRELKA KB
Topic: Landscape as Healthcare infrastructure




  • Jo Ivey Boufford – International Society for Urban Health (ISUH)
  • Jens Aerts – Bureau of Urbanism
  • Elisabeth Belpaire – ISOCARP Community of Practice on Urban Health
  • Federico Aili – ISOCARP Institute


Click here for more information about the programme. For any question or further information, please contact Federico Aili (aili@isocarp-institute.org).


  • Keynote speaker | Mark J. Nieuwenhuijsen

    Mark J. Nieuwenhuijsen, PhD, is a director of the Urban Planning, Environment and Health initiative and the Air pollution and Urban Environment ...
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