A special ISOCARP activity is the bestowal of awards to highlight and celebrate planning and network achievements. These ISOCARP Awards are:

  • ISOCARP Awards for Excellence

    The ISOCARP Awards for Excellence are conferred in recognition of exceptionally innovative urban and regional initiatives.
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  • Gerd Albers Award

    The Gerd Albers Award has been given for best publications by ISOCARP members since 2001. The Award was established by the Society in September ...
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  • Student Award

    The ISOCARP Student Award, launched for the first time this year, was established as a clear sign of the Society’s support to the future ...
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  • Routledge Poster Prize

    The YPP award was initiated in 1997.
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  • Sam van Embden Award 2015

    On 22 October the Sam van Embden Awards were given during the 51 ISOCARP Congress in Rotterdam. Sam van Embden was the founder of ISOCARP and its ...
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