A special ISOCARP activity is the bestowal of awards to highlight and celebrate planning and network achievements. These ISOCARP Awards are:

  • ISOCARP Awards for Excellence

    Call for 'Awards of Excellence 2019' is open!
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  • Gerd Albers Award

    Call for 'Gerd Albers Award 2019' is open!
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  • Student Award

    Call for 'Student Award 2019' is open!
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  • Young Planning Professionals’ Award: Routledge Poster Prize

    The Routledge Poster Prize will be open for selected YPP participants at the 55th ISOCARP World Planning Congress in Jakarta
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  • Sam van Embden Award 2015

    The 'Sam van Embden Award 2015' was given at the 51st ISOCARP World Planning Congress
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