51st ISOCARP Congress, Netherlands-Belgium-Germany, 19-23 October 2015


The ISOCARP2015 Congress comes at a time of unprecedented global urbanization. Voices from the global level down to the ground – in both the public and private sector – are calling for a ‘planning’ approach to address the complex challenges that this brings. The congress is therefore an opportune time to open up to the world, work together and learn from each other. It is being hosted by The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

The 51st Congress will have a different format. The workshops/tracks will take place in different cities all over the Netherlands and also in Belgium and Germany. For the last two days of the congress participants will come together in Rotterdam.

You are welcome to already join the discussions on the ISOCARP2015 Congress Platform.
ISOCARP2015 is built around themes brought forward by networks and cities in the Northwestern Europe Agglomeration, representing complex urban development issues. These themes were selected due to their urgency at the local level together with their international relevance. You can already choose the theme you are most interested in and contribute to the workshop.

Antwerp, Belgium: How to rework the productive city
Dortmund, Ruhr Region, Germany: How to leverage economic growth from spatial projects
Deventer, the Netherlands: How to implement a legal framework for local integrated planning
Amsterdam, Schiphol, the Netherlands: How to connect in a globalized world
Maastricht, the Netherlands: How to build a transboundary urban system
Amsterdam, the Netherlands: How to build the city in a cooperative way
Wageningen, the Netherlands: How to feed the world’s metropolises
Rotterdam, the Netherlands: How to develop unprecedented port-city synergy
Groningen, the Netherlands: How to sustain water and energy resources
Eindhoven, the Netherlands: How to react when traditional industries move away
Delft, the Netherlands: How to create a sustainable knowledge region.

General Rapporteur of the Congress, Judith Ryser from UK: “ISOCARP congress themes illustrate how often ISOCARP has been at the forefront of the planning debate, and in the ISOCARP tradition the 2015 congress is truly innovative.”

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