Congress Team Members 2015



The Congress Team 2015 under the leadership of General Rapporteur Judith Ryser, CityScope Europe, London, comprises 12 international and 12 local co-rapporteurs for the 12 workshop cities.

Ryser_preferenceGeneral Rapporteur Judith Ryser

Educated as an architect and urbanist with an MSc in social sciences, Judith Ryser is dedicating her cosmopolitan professional life to the built environment, its sustainability and its contribution to the knowledge society. Her professional experience encompasses academic research and teaching, public sector posts, private practice, community groups, writing, editing and journalism in London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Geneva (United Nations) and Madrid, with focus on cities and development strategies in Europe and beyond. Her writing and editing includes books, reports for international organisations and articles on urban issues for magazines and her blog She speaks at international professional conferences, carries out consultancies and is a member of the International Advisory Council of Fundacion Metropoli.

Made a life member of ISOCARP, she was Vice-President, led an Urban Advisory Planning Team, served on the editorial board and award juries, wrote and edited many books and articles. She is joint editor of the International Manual of Planning Practice, author of Isocarp’s 50th anniversary publication and General Rapporteur for the 2015 Isocarp congress. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists, the Urban Design Group and its editorial board.


The Congress takes off in the 12 participating cities with two days of interactive workshops on different themes.

Co-rapporteurs of workshop cities (cities in alphabetical order):

international co-rapporteurs local co-rapporteurs
Amsterdam Ana Peric, Switzerland Ekim Tan
Antwerp Lineu Castello, Brasil Annette Kuhk
Brussels Natasa Pichler-Milanovic, Slovenia Dirk Van de Putte
Delft-The Hague Eranda Janku, Albania Frank van der Hoeven
Deventer Madina Junussova, Kazakhstan Peter van de Laak
Dortmund Alex Camprubi, Spain Jan Polivka
Eindhoven Dara Gulubovic Matic, Serbia/Germany Irena Itova
Groningen Mbutu Mwaura, Kenya Katharina Gugerell
Maastricht Hongyang Wang, China Martijn van Bussel
Rotterdam Peter Robinson, South Africa Martin Aarts
Schiphol Martina Juvara, UK Maurits Schaafsma
Wageningen Olusola Olufemi, Canada Helena Heyning

51st ISOCARP Congress, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 19-23 October 2015


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50th Anniversary Celebrations

This year 2015 it is 50 years ago that ISOCARP was founded.
A reason to look back and reflect, but also to celebrate and look forward!

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